Android Setup
1) From the Android device home screen, tap Applications menu, then the Settings menu.

2) Then under Settings, tap Accounts & Sync

3) Then tap Add Account

4) Fill in your email address and password for your account. When completed, tap the Next button and then the details you entered will be verified.

5) Fill in your details as follows:
Domain\Username: \username (to find out the format of your username, please click simpleusername)
Password: (You’re Password)

Make sure Use secure Connection (SSL) is ticked and then click the Next button. The details you entered will be verified again.

6) You will then be able to configure how often emails should be checked, the amount of emails to synchronise and whether you would like for contacts/calendar to be synchronised. When completed, tap the Next button to continue.

7) You can then give the account a name which is optional. When completed, tap the Done button to continue.

8) Finally, to see the Exchange email account you setup, go back to the Applications menu and then tap the Email icon. The email account should appear and will now synchronise to/from the Exchange server.

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