IPhone Setup
1. From the iPhone home screen, tap Settings

2. Scroll down and tap Mail, Contact, Calendars

3. Then under the Accounts section, tap Add Account

4. Then tap Microsoft Exchange.

5. Fill in your details as follows: Domain:
Username: (to find out the format of your username, please click thesimpleusername
Password: (Your Password)
Description: (Anything you want)

6. Once the account is verified, a new Server field will be displayed allowing you to enter text into this field. Enter messaging.myappsanywhere.com Then tap the Next button at the top to finish verifying the account with the server.

7. Once verified, the next screen will allow you to choose which information you would like to synchronise with the Exchange server. By default, only Mail and Calendars are selected, with contacts synchronisation disabled unless specifically specified for synchronisation by the user.

If you choose to synchronise contacts, you will get a prompt asking what you would like to do with the existing contacts on the phone (if there are any that already exists). Tap Keep on My iPhone or Delete depending on whether the contacts are needed or not.

When finished, tap Done to complete the setup.

8. Once the Exchange mailbox has been created, we now need to set the period in which the mailbox should sync emails. To do this, from the Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen, tap the Exchange mailbox that you setup and then tap ‘Mail days to sync’. Then select the period to sync the emails.

9. We can also configure the signature that will appear on the iPhone, to do this, go to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen and then scroll down to the bottom and tap Signature. The next screen that shows allows you to type a relevant signature.

10. Finally, to see the Exchange email account we setup, go back to the Home screen and then tap the Mail icon. The emails will now synchronise from the Exchange server.