Windows Mobile Setup
There are two ways to setup your Windows Mobile device, Remotely or Wired. Remote allows you to setup the device without connecting it to a computer. Wired allows you to connect your device to a computer with ActiveSync, and pull the settings. For Wired, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

1. On your Mobile Device, go into the Start Menu, and select the application ‘ActiveSync’.

2. On the ‘ActiveSync’ windows, select Menu. On the Menu, select ‘Add Server Source’

3. On the Server Address screen, insert the server address: Check the Box for ‘This Server requires an SSL connection’. Then Click ‘Next’ to continue.

4. Next, fill in the User Information. Username is actually your short user name. This is often the part of your login name, before the @ sign. If you are unsure what your short user name is, please click here to find out. Password is going to be your password, and domain will be

5. Now pick what content you would like to see on your device. Once you have the information you want selected, click ‘Finish’ to complete the setup.

Note: Make sure you are running the latest Active Sync (at least 4.2).  You can get the latest at: ActiveSync 1) Plug your Windows Mobile into your computer, using the cable supplied by your Windows Mobile maker.  Be sure that ActiveSync is running, and that you have setup Outlook already.

2) Be sure that Contacts, Calendar and Email are all set to Exchange Server. This will allow you to directly connect to the server (wirelessly, if able) to get your data. Once you have the items that you want to transfer to your PDA selected, hit Next.

3)  Hit Finish, and you should start Syncing!
If you encounter an error, or need to setup your Windows Mobile device manually, below are some of the instructions on how to do this.