Exchange Features
Advanced Web Admin Interface
Advanced Web Admin
Our Web based adminstration tool is the most advanced in the industry. With it you will be able to control ALL aspects of your account, and how it relates to Exchange.
Nightly Backups
We do daily backups of our entire system down to the document level. This means that if you ever lose a document we will be able to restore it for you. In addition, we do weekly and monthly tape backups and remove the tapes offsite for storage. With one of the most advanced robotic tape backup libraries, we have the ability to backup 8.6 Terabytes a night.
Spam Filtering
Spam Filtering
We offer several layers of spam filtering. At the core of our filters is Microsofts Intelligent Message Filter (the same filter used by Hotmail and MSN). This filter will weed out most Junk email and put it in your Junk Email folder in Outlook. You will then be able to go through it at your leisure and determine if it is all junk.
Room To Grow
Room to Grow
With the most advanced architecture in the business, our system was designed to grow as you do. While other providers may max out at a certain number of users, we were designed with the help of Microsoft to grow to Millions of users. This means that you will never need to worry about growing in size or in space.
Virus Filtering
Virus Filtering
We offer spam filters, built into the core price of our offer. All mailboxes have it included in the cost. It will strip out any viruses it finds and pass the message along, if possible, with the virus removed.
Mobile Phone Support
Mobile Phone Support
Windows Mobile phones and handhelds can access Outlook data anywhere, any time. If you have a PPC phone, it will automatically sync your Outlook Data remotely.
Outlook 2013 Free!
Outlook 2016 Free based on plan
With the purchase of our service, you will be able to download Outlook 2013 for free, and use it as long as you are a paying member of our service. This is a full version of Outlook 2013.
24/7 365 Support
Support 24/7/365
With our advanced support structure, we are prepared to offer 24 hour support coverage 365 days a year. Our support teams never sleep, so you can rest easy that your data is where it should be. We provide 3 tiers of support, which all customers have access to. Our tier 1 support team is able to handle most issues, and can even remotely access your computer (if you let them) to solve the problem faster. Our tier 2 and 3 teams are in place to solve any issues that arise that can cause the loss of data or time on your part.

Hosted Exchange - Overview
Big Business Service for the Small and Medium Business

Grow your email as your business grows with our advanced Hosted Exchange program.
Sign up today and get Outlook 2013 FREE!

Hosted Exchange brings all the power and features of Microsoft Exchange 2010 to your desk, without spending the time and money of setting up your own servers. With our service, you will get more features than you would normally get with Exchange right out of the box. Hosted Exchange allows all the users in your company, no matter where they work, what country they live in, or how they access the Internet, to be able to access all their data at any time.

  • Free Outlook 2013 Client Software
  • Free Activesync for IPhone/Windows Mobile
  • 500MB of Mailbox Space
  • Automated Setup
  • Fully compatible with: Outlook 2007, Outlook 2013, Macintosh
  • Shared Calendar, Contacts, Tasks
  • 24/7/365 Support help line and help desk

All this adds up to more features than most Fortune 500 companies have in house. Our service is the most advanced in the industry, utilizing the latest version of Exchange, with remote mobile capabilities. This allows you to use any Windows-based phone and remotely access it with the new features in SP2. In addition, we are the only company in the business that fully supports multiple languages. We will be adding languages continually over time. If you don't see the one you need, please let us know.